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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 12:04 PM • June 2, 2022
Beatriz Ball's SIERRA MODERN Small Rectangular Triple Dip (Gold) is fabulously functional. With three generous wells, the gold-tone piece is perfect on the bar for cocktail garnishes like cut lemons, limes and olives. Its richly textured surface is made unique and fresh with a proprietary metallic gold finish that adds a hint of glam to any serving situation.

This triple dip offers stylish design, with elegant practicality. Food-and dishwasher-safe, decorative, ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 10:21 AM • May 31, 2022
It’s beginning to feel like summer.

The pineapple--the symbol of hospitality--makes a welcome appearance as two-chambered design by Beatriz Ball. With its sculptural form and richly detailed surface, the GARDEN Pineapple Chip & Dip is both an eye-catching representation of the popular tropical fruit, and a practical serving piece.

With its built-in dip bowl, this versatile item is ideal for serving fresh fruit, veggies, and crackers with your favorite ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 3:37 PM • May 18, 2022
A coastal cutie!

Beatriz Ball's gleaming GIFTABLES Ocean Crab Wine Coaster is topped by a sculptural miniature crab. Ideal gift for the coastal wine lover, and sure to become a beach house favorite.

Designed to hold a wine bottle, the versatile item can also be used for serving nuts or other little nibbles.

Beatriz Ball's GIFTABLES Collection features the best design elements of its bestselling collections in compact sizes, all boxed for effortless ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 4:18 PM • May 11, 2022
Inspired by the artistry of Nature, this majestic OCEAN Oyster pieces is a sculptural interpretation of the oyster shell.

The eye-catching design boasts large and small serving areas, and is great for chips and dip, or cold seafood and cocktail sauce.

Pairs perfectly with any Beatriz Ball OCEAN oyster bowls.Great for indoor/outdoor entertaining!

Beatriz Ball’s intensely handmade products employ eco-friendly and sustainable materials and are crafted by ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 2:23 PM • May 9, 2022
Time to graduate to a new level of sophistication!

Beatriz Ball’s shimmering GIFTABLES Sierra Croc Frame in a champagne gold tone features a sumptuously textured crocodile-inspired surface rendered fresh and new with a proprietary metallic finish. Designed to display a 4x6 photo (vertically or horizontally), the eye-catching frame looks stunning on a grad’s desk, shelf, or side table. The delightfully decorative piece adds a modern new edge to Beatriz Ball...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 11:52 AM • April 12, 2022
The GLASS New Orleans Swirl Collection is a perfect starting point!

Each piece is a unique work of art with swirling blue and white surface that are beautifully soothing, and blend nicely with many of today's top design trends. Light will show off their jewel-tone hues, textures and translucence.

Combine New Orleans Swirl pieces for an artistic and practical set that is food and dishwasher safe. 
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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 1:23 PM • March 31, 2022
As our lives are more centered at home, we look to redecorate and add meaningful accents to our dwellings. Sierra Modern photo frames from the FRAME and GIFTABLES Collections feature modern and exciting proprietary metallic gold-tone finishes and interesting textures, ideal for any décor.Great gifts, too!

•Shown above, the FRAME Sierra Modern Georgina 5 x 7 Frame (Gold) features a shimmering gold-tone finish and a texture reminiscent of shagreen. Designed ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 10:29 AM • March 18, 2022
All the splendor of Spring!

Beatriz Ball's newly expanded palette of metals will add color to yourSpringtime table in scrumptious tones of gold, rose gold, gunmetal and silver.

• Shown above, the multifunctional SIERRA MODERN Onyx Double Dip (Gold) is a perfectly elegant solution for many serving needs. Presented in a brushed gold finish, the cleverly designed piece separates and harmonizes your favorite foods.
• The SIERRA MODERN Plano Long Oval Platter...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 5:43 PM • March 17, 2022
Beatriz Ball and Louisiana-based ceramicist Gretchen Murchison developed the lively VENTO Bloom Collection, sculptural bowls and platters inspired by floral and botanical forms.

Fittingly, the form of the VENTO Bloom SmallBowl in polished metal is flowing and organic. The dynamic design features rippling petal-like movement, creating a compact serving vessel that you’ll use every day. Great on its own, or combined with other Bloom shapes and sizes, it makes a ...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball 2:01 PM • February 18, 2022
Inspired by wildlife, but at home in the most civilized of interiors, these luxe frames add a touch of glam to any room. Beatriz Ball frames feature textures and motifs that elevate any photo into a work of art.

The three Pieles Croc frames--holding 5x7, 4x6 and 3x3 inch photos--are distinguished by intricate crocodile hide textures glowingly rendered in a silvery sandcast aluminum alloy.

With boldly sophisticated styling, the square FRAME Pieles Croc 3 x 3 makes a...Read more of post

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