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Brunch is about gathering. It’s about creating a meal. And it’s about setting a table as eclectic and intriguing as the people who’ll be seated there to share it.

It starts with just the right plates, a perfectly imperfect serving bowl, glasses made to be refilled again and again because no guest wants to leave. Taking the time to set the right table is as important as the food you share and the friends you gather. And when it all comes together, brunch becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s about lingering in the afternoon sun, laughter ringing, and simply enjoying. It’s the way we think every weekend should be lived.

Blue Pheasant has been designed with this philosophy in mind. Each collection, every piece, brings a joy to the table. They are made to be mixed and matched—patterns on patterns, color on color, unexpected pieces that fall perfectly into place, time and time again. But these collections are much more than looks. We’ve spent years researching dish and glassware, experimenting until we created the ideal weights, shapes, sizes, and proportions. These pieces are functional; items that feel as good as they look, and that look good any which way you pair them. The perfect brunch isn’t effortless, but it should be worth every ounce of work you put into it and then some; we’ve created Blue Pheasant to help make sure it is.

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