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About Huggalugs

Huggalugs designs unique and fashionable headwear and legwear for babies and kids in fun themes and brilliant hues.

Originating in Australia in 2006, Huggalugs began as a legwarmer company providing artisan designs in high quality yarns with a comfortable fitting cuff so that little legs didn't get squeezed too tightly. In 2012 Huggalugs moved to the United States with new owners, and the line was expanded to carry coordinating baby hats, sweaters, mittens, pettiskirts and bonnets.

Huggalugs' name came from our Australian founder. Our debut product line of leg warmers were affectionately called ‘Leg Huggers’. The name is a mashup of hug and legs (turned into ‘lugs)’, a reminder of another trendy Australian company.

Huggalugs is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices.

- Our baby legwarmers are made with premium cotton yarn, with generous sizing and comfortable cuffs that don't squeeze little thighs too tight.
- Baby Hats, sweaters and mittens are knit in soft yarns with unique finishes to liven up any little person's wardrobe. Wear them year-round to protect little heads from quick temperature changes.
- Pettiskirts and pettidresses are lush and full, made with a soft chiffon and full of ruffles. They're perfect for dress-up, portraits, parties or just for fun.
- Vintage inspired baby bonnets are perfect for babies and turn ordinary outfits into extrordinary. Wear them every day to protect little heads from the sun and wind.

Discover some joy, and something different with Huggalugs.

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